28. Picnickin’!



I, Finney, say, “Hello!  Hello!”

I am so glad that YOU… I know!


It is so nice to tell today

Of happy fun on Summer’s day!

God gave the sweet green grass for all,

No matter whether tall or small!

To sit, and play, and walk, and run,

On Summer’s day to have such fun!


457      456

To bring a blanket…pack a lunch,

And sit and rest and munch, munch, munch!


Carrots, potatoes, and fresh cheese…

And sweet apples with honey, please!

I’ll tell you of one “picnic” way,

When we all went one Summer’s day.


 Pronshi, Daíthí, and I, Finney,

Had some lunch made by our Nannie!


Packed in a hamper, neatly done,

Balls to play with…and oh, what fun!

We headed toward the deep, blue sea,

And, oh my-my, we felt so free!


The Irish breeze and fields of green…

Such lovely views as could be seen!


We watched for ants who’d love our lunch.

And this was more than just a hunch.

We’ve learned that ants do love to eat

Our food, especially what’s sweet!


With tasty honey as a treat,

We were so careful and so neat.

We didn’t mind if they were near,

Just taking our food was the fear.

So what we did was pick a place

Where we could not see one ant-face!

No trouble, then, for picnic’s day

From pesty ants who’d find a way

To get to Nannie’s food for us.

To have that happen we would fuss!

No worries that would be the case,

So we enjoyed a fine, grand place.


 We ate our apples, honey-dipped…

And fresh, cool water…mmm, we sipped!

Crunchy carrots and sweetened cheese…

Buttered ‘tatoes, eaten with ease…

We ate, and ate, and played, and played.

And prob’ly, way too long we stayed.


But day’s fresh coolness in the breeze,

Coupled with blue-green Irish seas,

Was really too hard to resist,

And caused our grand fun, to persist!

But then the Sun was not so bright.

We looked up at the sunshine’s light,

And saw the dark cloud moving in;

Then seeming like some rain would win!

781      791

We knew, to head for home,  ’twas right,

Before the Sun was out of sight.

But it was such a day of fun!

No sad regrets for anyone!

So, if some Summer’s day looks fine,

Just take the day as a grand sign,

That God has blessed you, and pack things,

That someone, for a picnic, brings!

Then find a spot, so nice and grand,

On some green, lovely piece of land.

Just rest, and play, and have some lunch,

With yummy foods on which to munch!


 Then take the time to tell to me,

Just where you went…what you did see…

I’ll love to hear the tale you tell!

I know you’ll tell it very well!

I am so glad to be with you,

And that my stories you like, too!

And speaking of my stories now,

Last time I wrote I told of how

We leprechauns have secrets we

Must keep well hid so that we be

Doing our work, given by God,

On our precious Ireland’s sod.

I showed to you a special door.

There were requests to know of more

Of work we do and where doors lead.


But secret’s trust, I just must heed.

It won’t be long …me Dad will know…

What secrets, to you, I can show.

Be patient now, because I must

Be sure I’m worthy of the trust

That God in Heav’n has placed right here,

With Leprechauns He treats so dear.

I thank you that you came today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #28)


4 thoughts on “28. Picnickin’!

  1. To my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

    Oh! S! I just knew you’d be here…
    Looked in my post box with no fear!
    You always say hello to me,
    And tell me thoughts of my story,
    That you enjoyed or want to ask
    A question which is then my task
    To answer in the best-est way,
    To help you know something today,
    That you had never known before,
    Of Leprechauns, not told in lore!
    Our everyday life…not so known,
    Is what I hope has been well shown!
    As for the secrets ‘hind the door…
    Hmmm…you are someone who’ll know more.
    But know that you will have to learn
    To “see” what eyes will always yearn
    To see but cannot “see” and why
    This is, is ’cause this sense, no lie,
    Is one that’s in mists, that have passed,
    Of time that has gone very fast,
    But never lost the secrets held
    In “sight” of soul, with mind, does meld.
    I tell you this because I can.
    Not always so, because of man,
    And ways that sometimes prevent “sight”
    of things NOT hidden in Truth’s Light.
    But, oh my, S, I’ve told you things,
    Not half as fun as when Bird sings!
    Or when the stars come out at night,
    And give us such a glorious sight!
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To my dear friend Finney,
    The Irish green-blue seas look so beautiful!! You must have had such fun with your friends playing in the grass! I bet you were hungry after playing and running around. It sounds so good the carrots, cheese and apples dipped in honey!! Oh so tasty and healthy too😊 God is so good to give us all that He gives us just because He loves us!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. To my dear Friend Jane from your dear Friend Finney!

    How fun to see you wrote to me!
    Makes me as happy as can be!
    You are indeed such a good Friend.
    It is so nice that you do send
    Grand thoughts and such nice things to say!
    Maybe some day you’ll find a way
    To go to picnic near the Sea,
    And see how fun it all can be!
    To sit, and play, and rest, and eat…
    It really would be hard to beat!
    Yes, God takes care of everything,
    From ants that walk to birds that sing!
    He gives us picnics and grand fun,
    And loves us more than anyone!
    I hope you’ve had a grand, fine day!
    God bless you is what I do say!

    Liked by 1 person

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